Hack Day In New York

.Astronomy is all about sharing ideas and making astronomy happen. Sometimes this means producing code that can fit data really quickly in a web browser, sometimes it’s about communicating astronomy in a new way, or even just to geek out with fellow astronomers. The results of various .Astronomy hack days have been impressive and fun, but the best thing about hack days are they way they connect people together. Tea Sets Wholesale Tea Sets Amber Jewelry Sleeping Bags

In this spirit, the first regional .Astronomy Hack Day will be taking place in just over a week in New York, USA. We’ll be gathering together astronomers and other astr0-geeks from New York and beyond to talk about astronomy and even have a go and building somethingh new.

This .Astronomy Hack Day will take place at the offices of bit.ly (85 5th Avenue, 4th floor, New York City) December 15, 2012, 10am-7pm. It’s being organised by .Astronomy alum August Muench from the Seamless Astronomy group at Harvard/Smithsonian CfA.

We invite astronomy geeks from across the New York City tristate area to come and learn about new technologies, collaborate with others and maybe strike out on something new. We will start out with some technology sharing from different groups across NYC, then grab some lunch and start hacking. We hope participants will get out their laptops, team up with other like-minded participants and get hacking on a project — software or science or both! There is plenty of space for small teams to work together. Afterwards we will take time to share our projects.

Everything related to the hack day (presentations, hacks and participants) will be archived on the event’s page here. Bring a laptop and WiFi and power will be provided.

Interested? Then please get a ticket at the Eventbrite page (they’re free!). We need a list of attendees in advance, and to make sure everyone who can come does, please let us know if you have to cancel.

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