.Astronomy 4

July 9-11, 2012

Venue: Haus der Astronomie and the International Wissenschaft Forum, Heidelberg

Local Organisers: Sarah Kendrew, Markus Pöessel, Tom Robitaille.

Summary: .Astronomy 4 was held during a summery week in Heidelberg. The Haus der Astronomie wowed everyone and inspired some amazing hacks. With big-hitting keynotes and speakers from around the world, this event felt really productive and positive. The Hack Day yielded great work and forged new friendships. Tea Sets Wholesale Tea Sets Amber Jewelry Sleeping Bags

Download: .Astronomy 4 Unproceedings PDF

Trending Topics: Javascript, Python, Browser, Visualise, Global


Speaker Affiliation Presentation
Kevin Govender IAU Office for Astronomy Development Astronomy for a Better World
Markus Pöessel Haus der Astronomie Haus der Astronomie
Amit Kapadia Adler Planetarium AstroJS
August Muench Harvard CfA Dataverse
Thomas Robitaille MPIA Heidelberg Astro Python
Bruce Berriman IPAC Astronomy in the Cloud
Thomas Kitching University of Edinburgh Astronomy Crowdsourcing
Michelle Borkin Harvard Mechanical Turk, Visualisation and 'Glue'
Julie Steele and Noah Iliinksy O'Reilly Media / Authors Visualisation
Kelle Cruz CUNY AstroBetter
Alberto Pepe Harvard CfA Data Mining and ADS
Alyssa Goodman Harvard CfA Seamless Astronomy

Unconference Sessions

Title Instigator(s) More Info
Software engineering training for scientists Bruce Berriman Blog Post
Real Data in Education Laura Whyte
AstroJS Amit Kapadia GitHub
Visualization tutorial/coaching Julie Steele, Michelle Borkin, Noah Iliinsky
Universe3D.org Alyssa Goodman
Planetarium hacking Markus Poessel
Making the best use of Twitter Karen Masters, Phil Marshall
Making more of astronomy like .astronomy Kelle Cruz, Meg Schwamb
What is effective public outreach? Emily Rice
Getting paid to write code in astronomy? Dimitri Muna
Astronomy without papers Aleks Scholz Blog Post
Peer review 2.0 Peter Melchoir
VO tools that work August Muench
Nap time on the Moon Rug Amanda Bauer


Title Contributors More Info
optimize.js Foreman-Mackay Demo Site
Flora Kapadia, Marshall and more Demo
Astroglocal Govender, Gomez, Gomez and more TBA
Zoonibot Foreman-Mackay, Beaumont, Lintott, Hogg and more @zoonibot and Blog Post
Cosmology Calculator Widget Simmons and Lowe Blog Post
Science: It's Universal Bauer and Gugliucci Vimeo
Sh*t Astronomer's Say Deacon, Rice, Cruz and more YouTube
Image Extraction from ADS Pepe, Goodman, and Muench TBA
.Astro Recommends Masters TBA
Astronym Simmons, Kitching, Schawinski and Clarke TBA
AstroScanr Simpson, Kendrew and Masters Blogs 1, 2 and 3
Astroworld Odman-Govender Blog post

Image Gallery


Name Affiliation Twitter
Alasdair Allan Many @aallan
Geert Barentsen Armagh Observatory @GeertMcTwit
Amanda Bauer Australian Astronomical Observatory @astropixie
Christopher Beaumont Harvard CfA @BeaumontChris
Bruce Berriman Virtual Astronomical Observatory @bruceberriman
Michelle Borkin Harvard University @michelle_borkin
Eli Bressert ESO & University of Exeter @astrobiased
Christopher Clark Cardiff University @CJRClarkEsquire
Kelle Cruz Hunter College & CUNY & AMNH @kellecruz
Niall Deacon MPIA Heidelebrg @nialldeacon
Jonathan Fay Microsoft Research @astrojonathan
Janine Fohlmeister Zentrum für Astronomie Heidelberg @JFohlmeister
Daniel Foreman-Mackey NYU @__dfm__
Haley Gomez Cardiff University @astrofairy
Edward Gomez Las Cumbres Observatory @zemogle
Alyssa Goodman Harvard CfA @aagie
Kevin Govender IAU Office of Astronomy for Development @govender
Nicole Gugliucci CosmoQuest @noisyastronomer
Boris Haeussler University of Nottingham @Boris_H
David W Hogg New York University @davidwhogg
Noah Iliinksy Author @noahi
Amit Kapadia Adler Planetarium @a_kapadia
Sarah Kendrew MPIA Heidelberg @sarahkendrew
Tom Kitching University of Edinburgh @tom_kitching
Chris Lintott University of Oxford @chrislintott
Stuart Lowe LCOGT @astronomyblog
Markus Pössel Haus der Astronomie @mpoessel
Phil Marshall Oxford University @drphilmarshall
Karen Masters ICG Portsmouth @karenlmasters
Peter Melchior The Ohio State University @openpaperreview
August Muench Harvard-Smithsonian CfA @augustmuench
Demitri Muna New York University @scicoder
Carolina Odman-Govender Freelance @carolune
Alberto Pepe Harvard University @albertopepe
Gabe Perez-Giz NYU Center for Cosmology & Particle Physics N/A
David Perez-Suarez Trinity College University @dvdgc13
Jan Pomierny Astronomia.pl & UNAWE & Zooniverse Poland N/A
Adrian Price-Whelan Columbia University @astrodrian
Emily Rice CUNY & American Museum of Natural History @emilulu
Hans-Walter Rix MPIA Heidelberg N/A
Thomas Robitaille MPIA @astrofrog
Pedro Russo Leiden University/EU Universe Awareness @pruss
Kevin Schawinski Yale University @kevinschawinski
Sergei Schmalz International Meteor Organization N/A
Aleks Scholz Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies @dalcashdvinsky
Meg Schwamb Yale University @megschwamb
Brooke Simmons Yale University @vrooje
Robert Simpson Oxford University @orbitingfrog
Julie Steele O'Reilly @jsteeleeditor
Adam Tarnoff Adler Planetarium N/A
Laura Whyte Adler Planetarium @whytewithawhy