Astronomy for a Better World (Kevin Govender)




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  1. Great talk, and a great top: I heard it’s Baby X’s favourite.

  2. […] the .AstroPlayer a go by watching Kevin Govender and Michelle Borkin‘s talks online.ย The scheduled talks from Heidelberg are now appearing on […]

  3. Arif Solmaz says:

    Thanks for the posts Robert, but why they are not in high-res?
    I really love your .astronomy concept, think that it’s getting better and bigger. Do you think to make a framework project about it?

  4. Stuart Lowe says:

    Arif, what do you mean by not being in high-res? Do you mean the slides? I wrote the player so that it tests your internet connection speed so that it doesn’t download the largest versions if it seems too slow. You can manually over-ride that by clicking on the “HD” button in the player.

  5. Arif says:

    I mean the download options, their size is too small ~10 MB, I was expecting at least ~100 or 200 MB per each video. I generally don’t watch the videos on the browser.

  6. Stuart Lowe says:

    Ahh, I think you’ve misunderstood then. The page plays audio with static slides (and occasional video slides). These aren’t videos.

  7. Ms.Know-It-All says:

    I want to be an astronamer(sorry if i spelt it wrong)I am in to astronomy!!!

  8. Great speech. I think this is quite simple to introduce any student to the concept of Astronomy. I will post it on the podcast page of my science and Technology Club site (for the students) [ ]