Live Blog: .Astro 7 Day Zero

Tea Sets Amber Jewelry Sleeping Bags Wholesale Tea Sets This is a guest post by Steve Crawford (@astrocrawford), who will be live blogging Day Zero of .Astronomy 7.    Welcome to Day Zero of .Astro 7!  The best place to start is  Day Zero wiki and guide.  This is my first .Astronomy and I’ll try [...]

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.Astronomy7: Countdown to Day Zero

At this year’s .Astronomy 7 conference, we’ll be running a pre-conference training day (‘Day Zero’) to showcase previous Hack Day projects and to introduce some of the tools participants have found most useful for their Hack Day experience and general work flow. Day Zero is optional, but we encourage everyone to attend, because Day Zero [...]

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Join us for .Astronomy 7 in Sydney

We’re happy to announce that .Astronomy 7 will be held in Sydney, Australia November 3-6th 2015. This marks the first ever .Astronomy held in the Southern Hemisphere – which is great because the night sky can feel like an exciting new Universe! Information is available at, which we will continue to update as details are [...]

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Coming Up Next

.Astronomy has gone from strength to strength in the last few years. At the most recent event I invited several non-astronomers along, so to see if they’d be interested in running .Ecology, .Maths, .BioMed, and others. The answers is that yes: they’d love to and plans have begun taking shape already. At the same time, [...]

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.Astro 6 Live Blog, Day 3

True to style, the end of Day 2′s hackday is the official start to Day 3 of .Astronomy: the last crew to arrive at the hotel (as observed by Hogg) made it in at 3:30am. Somehow, enough people have made it to Adler by 9:30am to start the day off with presentations of last night’s [...]

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.Astro 6 Live Blog, Day 2

The second day of .Astronomy kicked off bright and early (by Astronomy standards). Welcome to Hack Day! Nearly everyone took 30 seconds this morning to pitch an idea for a project (or multiple projects!) they would like to recruit others to work on. A small sampling of the many ideas we proposed… Visualize the AAS [...]

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.Astro 6 Live Blog, Day 1

Ready all? #dotastro — Brooke Simmons (@vrooje) December 8, 2014   We’re live blogging this year’s .Astro, much like we have in previous years! This year the lovely folk at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago are our generous hosts, particularly Laura Whyte, Lucianne Walkowicz, and Laura Trouille. #gosciencewomen Laura Whyte kicks us off with [...]

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Join Us for .Astronomy 6 in Chicago

We’re very happy to announce that .Astronomy 6 will be held at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, December 8-10 2014. The Adler is kindly giving us space just because we’re awesome – and that works out very well for everyone because the Adler a fantastic place to hold any event – especially something like .Astronomy. [...]

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Amanda Bauer: Communication Strategies

You can now watch Amanda Bauer’s #dotastro 5 talk on ‘Communication Strategies’ online at Tea Sets Wholesale Tea Sets Amber Jewelry Sleeping Bags

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Stuart Lynn: A Smarter Zooniverse

You can now watch Stuart Lynn’s talk from #dotastro 5 online at Tea Sets Wholesale Tea Sets Amber Jewelry Sleeping Bags

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