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Liveblog: Day Two

Welcome to day two of .Astronomy 5 here at the Microsoft NERD Center in sunny Cambridge, MA. Today is the 2013 .Astronomy Hack Day, where our awesome collection of astronomers, educators, developers, and more, all hack on new and interesting projects. The aim is just to create something new. You can read yesterday’s liveblog and Storify [...]

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Credit: Alasdair Allan

Liveblog: Day One

Welcome to the .Astronomy 5 liveblog. This is where we’ll be live-blogging day one of the conference. 09:55 - We haven’t actually started yet, but that’s a small sacrifice in the name of ensuring everyone is caffeinated and fed. Big thanks to the Microsoft NERD center for hosting our meeting! To show my gratitude, I’m going [...]

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Astronomy and Computing – A Journal

We’ve recently launched a journal - Astronomy & Computing - intended to serve the community sitting, sometimes slightly awkwardly, between those two fields; the community is doing work which is too ‘techie’ to be of interest to astronomy journals, but too ‘applied’ to be usefully publishable within Computing Science. ‘We’, here, is Alberto Accomazzi, Tamás Budavári, Christopher Fluke, Norman Gray, Gerard Lemson, Bob [...]

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Unproceedings of .Astronomy 4

We’re very pleased to present the Unproceedings of the Fourth .Astronomy Conference (.Astronomy 4), which was held in Heidelberg, Germany, July 9-11 2012. The goal of the .Astronomy conference series is to bring together astronomers, educators, developers and others interested in using the Internet as a medium for astronomy. Attendance at the event is limited to approximately [...]

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Hack Day In New York

.Astronomy is all about sharing ideas and making astronomy happen. Sometimes this means producing code that can fit data really quickly in a web browser, sometimes it’s about communicating astronomy in a new way, or even just to geek out with fellow astronomers. The results of various .Astronomy hack days have been impressive and fun, but [...]

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Come to Cambridge For .Astronomy 5

.Astronomy 5 will be hosted by Harvard’s Seamless Astronomy group at Microsoft’s NERD Center in Cambridge, MA, USA. Mark your diary, iCal, Google Calendar (or whatever system you’ve rigged up to wrangle Twitter into being your PA) for the date: September 16-18, 2013. We’ll be collecting together 50 attendees for a three-day conference, unconference and [...]

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Publishing with FigShare

“Publishing 2.0” was an unconference session at this year’s dotastronomy conference, and FigShare was one of the new tools discussed in this session. In a nutshell, FigShare is a free online repository for scientific results from all disciplines. Created in 2011 by then-PhD student Mark Hahnel on Mediawiki software, it is now supported by Digitial Science. Apart [...]

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